The mission of ISRAEL ALWAYS is to build bridges of understanding and friendship
between Christian and Jewish communities across America and around the world so that
together we can stand strong in support of Israel and her people.


  • Front Page Jerusalem Global Radio Network.  This weekly news magazine features exclusive interviews with Israel's top newsmakers. Produced out of Jerusalem, it is considered the most listened to radio broadcast out of the Middle East targeting Christian audiences.

  • Operation LifeShield providing transportable bomb shelters to areas of need in Israel.  To date, Israel Always has played a major role in placing 50 such shelters in southern Israel which are saving lives every day.

  • Prayer vigils at the Western Wall.

  • "Evening for Israel" rallies and other special events promoting support for Israel.

  • Regular columns in the Jerusalem Post and other newspapers and publications.

  • A "soon-to-be-launched" weekly television program reporting TRUTHFUL news and feature stories from the Holy Land.

  • Touring Israel even in times of war to include visiting the front lines offering encouragement to IDF soldiers as well as helping to supply material needs to the soldiers. 


Recently, Earl Cox and Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat, Israel were both recognized by Israelís Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Ambassadors of Goodwill from Israel to Jewish and Christian communities around the world. Together they will work to bring about greater understanding and cooperation between these two communities which, historically speaking, have been very far apart. The recognition as Ambassadors of Goodwill will surely be of tremendous help in opening additional doors as they build a solid bridge between Christians and Jews for the benefit of Israel and her people.

Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and Earl Cox

From left to right, Earl Cox with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger

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