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CHARLESTON, SC USA- May 10, 2013 - FRONTLINE: Jerusalem TV (FLJ) is a pro-Israel broadcast TV news and commentary producer. FLJ's stated purpose is to shape world-views about Israel from a Judeo-Christian perspective by bringing the unfiltered truth about Israel to the world. FLJ provides accurate, timely reporting to any legitimate broadcast organization, at no cost, eliminating any financial barrier to reaching the world with the truth about Israel.

homePositioned as a FREE Israeli TV news service, FLJ has unique access to high-level sources with credible information, in order to craft powerful, accurate stories that matter. With this reliable access to Israeli insiders, FLJ creates network-level, quality programming that is relevant across most news demographics, bridging many political and ideological divides.

FLJ recently secured a global distribution agreement with Christian TV network, The Walk TV, that has a reach of 200 million households, world-wide. The Walk’s distribution includes 240 broadcast channels, penetrating 50 million households in the USA, including 37 million cable households. Their global satellite reach of 150 million households includes the Caribbean, Finland, India and the 10/40 Window of Asia and Africa. 10-40 windowThe 10/40 Window is a region of the world designated by Christian missionaries as the most hostile to Judeo-Christian principles and teachings. To find an affiliate,CLICK HERE.

FLJ has been on the planning boards since 2006 and is currently in full-time development, intending to launch with weekly programming during the fourth quarter of 2013. FLJ is currently producing one-minute commentaries with host, Earl Cox, and two-minute news updates with anchor, Pam Coy.

The show’s senior host, Earl Cox, is currently a recognized international Christian broadcaster and journalist. He was named by then Prime Minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert as a “Friend of Israel.” In January 2012 Cox, along with the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, were recognized by Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel's Goodwill Ambassadors to Christian and Jewish communities. Prior to becoming an outspoken and active supporter of Israel, Earl Cox’s professional career placed him in Washington, D.C. where he served in senior level positions in the administrations of four U.S. presidents.

home1Why FLJ and why now? Cox says, "Due to the constant political demonizing and vilification by the major broadcast news bureaus and other media outlets, Israel is experiencing a rapid increase in global isolation. With waning political support from western allies and intense global pressure, Israel is being demonized for rightfully defending her borders. There has never been a more urgent need for accurate TV news and commentary about Israel. FLJ will help turn the tide in the public-opinion Media War against Israel.”

The show’s news anchor, Pam Coy is a former international model and on-camera spokesperson working out of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and Munich. During her career, she represented 50 national and international brands, was the national spokesperson for Elizabeth Dole’s draft campaign for US president, and is an active public speaker and outspoken supporter of Israel, volunteering for many pro-Israel organizations.

With a global distribution audience now in place that includes 200 million households, FLJ’s anchor and co-founder, Pam Coy has announced a new $2.25 million capital campaign to secure low-latency HD field and studio broadcast equipment, and support staff, to augment their planned studios in Charleston, SC, and news gathering capabilities in Jerusalem, Israel and Washington, DC.

home2According to Pam Coy, “Israel is in desperate need of help to battle the global media bias against her. FLJ has the access, at the highest levels, to accurate, timely news content; we have the distribution; now we need the equipment and staff. This is a critical project, and the time is urgent.We must fill the airwaves with the Truth about Israel.”

When fully operational, FLJ will feature “unfiltered” hard news, opinion panels and commentaries, including critical analysis, from a Judeo-Christian perspective, on issues and events that impact us daily and shape our world. Additional programming will include profiles on Israeli news-makers, Jewish history, and Israeli-developed technology, industry and medicine. FLJ is also producing journalistic short stories on little known facts about modern day and ancient Israel. These “Did you Know? Now you Know!” weekly segments will begin in early June, 2013. FLJ, a planned 501c3, was founded by Christian supporters of Israel, Bruce and Pam Coy, who have 60 combined years of professional broadcast production experience. As a non-profit, FLJ is structured in such a way that no one individual or company owns it, but rather it will be operated by Christians and governed by a Jewish-based foundation.

For additional information contact Bruce Coy at or at +1 (843) 906-3855.

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